Clara Serrano Alcazar
is a fashion stylist and graphic designer from

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La mà, la taca i el rastre

Three-piece editorial project. Photobooks that explore hands as a productive and not just contemplative tool. 

The three piece collection aims to demonstrate the connection between everyday life, rituals and “work” through the actions that hands make when they are working.

• La mà: Notes on chimneys
• La taca: Notes on work
• El rastre: Notes on everyday life

Pictures taken with Olympus mju II.

El Candil

Publication around catalan food from “els bars cutres de tota la vida”.

Self-published work around photography, belonging and food, through the words of  Josep,  self taught cook, owner of “El Candil” and neighbour from Sants-Badal.

Pictures taken with Olympus mju II


Graphic campaign for the environmental awareness workshop "Sonsos" taught at La Llotja school of design in Barcelona. 

Jewelry workshop based on the value of circular economy and the reuse of elements that no longer have a useful life in the Mediterranean sea.

Anys Amuntegats

Is the name of the image that won the photographic contest of "Les Masies de Mediona". Competition  held in the town of Sant Joan de Mediona, municipality of Mediona, to give importance to the architectural heritage of the environment.

Cover of Mediona magazine in July 2023.

Pictures taken with Olympus OM1.


Beta app created to meet the needs of any person with an interest in self-taught film photography.  

Created with UI/UIX in Figma.

Guiri: Cremat i borratxo

Graphic campaign to promote a new ice cream made of burnt rum and crema catalana. Fanzine that works as a product disseminator element.

The Happy Sads

Self-published tabloid that narrates, though graphic elements and photography, two articles about the precariousness of the spanish youth, by the Aragonese journalist Milagros Pérez Oliva.

Printed by The Newspaper Club. Pictures taken with Olympus OM1.

El Barrio; issue nº1: Identity & Gender

Final degree project in fashion styling. A gender identity study with six women, where they had to answer the questions  through movement and interaction.

Photo: Cora Carrascosa @cora_carrascosa
Make Up & Hair: Gemma Martin @martin_gemms